Watch this VIDEO see why I have decided to use Google Voice for my business

I am not getting paid to endorse Google Voice nor do I own stock in Google.  I may have to rethink that stance though.  Why? Simply because they keep coming out with efficiency products that have revolutionized my day to day.

In the case of Google Voice, which has been around since March 2009 (source: Wikipedia); I use it for both my business and volunteer telecommunication needs.  On the business side, because I recently relocated cross country to Texas, I wanted to have a number that local area businesses would be more comfortable with than my New York one.  I also did not want to incur any additional costs to have another number exclusively for business purposes.

I already had been using Google Voice for my volunteer telecommunication needs; as a project manager and team trainer for my local church’s music department.  We use Google Voice as a hub for members to notify us of any changes.  Admin Team members are able to see and hear messages in the cloud or from any phone and respond quickly all at no cost.

Now because, I have a Smartphone (an iPhone) I was able to download the Google Voice app.  The app provides access to the same multitude of features available on the Google Voice homepage; that make it so easy for me balance my personal and business communications from one device.

To learn more about those features view the video below:


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