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Note-Taking Made Easy – A Quick Tutorial for Assistants

Recently I started working more intimately with a young woman that will be assisting a ministry leader I have for some time. In hearing the heart of the leader and observing their interactions, I felt led to share with her a lesson I learned early on in my career as an executive administrative assistant and was reinforced when I began assisting visionary type ministry leaders. I will share that same lesson with you now. It is remarkably simple and can be applied to any industry. Continue reading →

Hello… My name is Lela, and I am a recovering Email Hoarder.

Do you fall into either one of these categories? If you do, you may be an Email Hoarder. The first email you ever received is still in your inbox, and its 4 years later. Currently you have more email than can be humanly managed to be considered reasonable. See, this was me. Even though in the past I have taught time management, and recently became certified in it.  I knew I needed help myself.  So, I went to Lynda.com.  I took a course to help Continue reading →