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Watch this VIDEO see why I have decided to use Google Voice for my business

I am not getting paid to endorse Google Voice nor do I own stock in Google.  I may have to rethink that stance though.  Why? Simply because they keep coming out with efficiency products that have revolutionized my day to day. In the case of Google Voice, which has been around since March 2009 (source: Wikipedia); I use it for both my business and volunteer telecommunication needs.  On the business side, because I recently relocated cross country to Texas, I wanted to have a number Continue reading →

Hello… My name is Lela, and I am a recovering Email Hoarder.

Do you fall into either one of these categories? If you do, you may be an Email Hoarder. The first email you ever received is still in your inbox, and its 4 years later. Currently you have more email than can be humanly managed to be considered reasonable. See, this was me. Even though in the past I have taught time management, and recently became certified in it.  I knew I needed help myself.  So, I went to Lynda.com.  I took a course to help Continue reading →