Why You Should Retain Our Services

Hello there!  Let me introduce myself.

My name is Lela Fagan (Jefferson), and I am an Administrative Consultant with over 15+ years of executive administrative and project management experience.  I am also a Certified Virtual Assistant.  I have been dually assisting clients remotely and on-site, throughout my professional career.
My areas of expertise are Office Administration (Church and Corporate), Web Production, Marketing and PR.  I have worked predominately in the non-for-profit, private, and business sectors.  I am also the owner and operator of Assistants R Us.

You: Lela, what are some of the benefits of partnering with an Administrative Consultant?  How can hiring one help me and my business?

Lela: You would be surprised.  When you retain the services of an Administrative Consultant the possibilities are endless!  Did you know that many Administrative Consultants are actual former Executive Assistants, Web Designers, Administrative Assistants, Marketing Managers, Personal Assistants, Project Managers and Coordinators?

These are time tested professionals that bring years of expertise to the table!

Some services an Administrative Consultant may specialize in are graphic and web design, marketing (online and offline), public relations, social media, project and event planning and management, travel and so much more!

Here is just a short list of the services I have provided to my retainer clients in the past:

  • Created business correspondence, such as memorandums, purchase requests, presentations, spreadsheets and reports
  • Provided reminder services and managed their schedules
  • Acted as a virtual gatekeeper for communications, sending emails and returning calls on their behalf
  • Maintaining all their company documentation in the Cloud; enabling them to obtain pertinent information no matter where they were in the world
  • Researching, managing and coordinating travel for them and their teams
  • Facilitating teleconference and video training check-ins and training sessions
  • Creating and managing their contact databases
  • Designing and managing their standalone and WordPress powered websites

And so much more… all tasks I used to do on-site for past employers.


Here are some additional cost saving benefits you may  receive from partnering with an Administrative Consultant:

  • Say goodbye to the overhead costs associated with hiring staff.
  • Administrative Consultants are independent contractors.  What this means to your bottom line is that you now can eliminate payroll taxes, benefits, and vacation and sick time from your budget.
  • There is no equipment you have to acquire or additional office space to buy to get started.
  • You have an employee that is almost ready right out the box to start working with you.
  • Remember many Administrative Consultants are former Executive Assistants, that have years of experience doing the same exact tasks that you probably dread doing now.
  • You and your full-time staff can focus on the heart of your business.
  • With a retainer package, you have the freedom to use services tailored to your company’s needs only when you need them.
  • You gain efficiency and improve productivity by hiring an expert in the areas of administrative support and project management.
If you would like to learn specifically how partnering with an administrative consulting firm like Assistants R Us can assist you and your business become more efficient and increase your overall productivity, click here to submit a request for proposal. Assistants R Us provides its clients professional and confidential administrative and project management solutions.  We take care of the behind the scenes details so you can focus on what makes you/your business shine.
To contact Lela, please click here.
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