Rates and Service Plans

Prorated Monthly Administrative Services Plans

The following packages have a $20/hour base and cover most of our administrative support and general business word processing services.



Power Elite

2 Hours per week
(8 Hours per month)

5 Hours per week
(20 Hours per month)

10 Hours per week
(40 Hours per month)


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*An additional 1.5 hours have been included in each package to cover incidentals.

Express Administrative Support Services

Our administrative services are available at 1.5 hour times the $20/hour base. This service option is made available on a case by case basis.  Express jobs; require a minimum 3 hour commitment with an understood 72 hour turnaround. Work will only commence after the project specifications have been agreed upon, and payment has been received.

Graphic Design & Web Production Services

The base $35 per hour rate is applied to all Technical, Graphic Design and/or Web Production related services provided by Assistants R Us that are not billed on retainer or under a prorated package.
Retainer Rate:
Retainer rates are based on the estimated service hours needed each month from Assistants R Us.  By utilizing a monthly retainer a client gains ongoing support at a discount. Retainer fees are required to be paid in full prior to the start of service each month to obtain the full discount.  Clients may opt to pay bimonthly and obtain half of the retainer package discounted rate; the first payment is non refundable and cannot be transferred or rolled over. Actual service hours which exceed a client’s estimated pre-paid retainer hours will be billed at the regular hourly rate.

Additional fees, as outlined below, are not included in the retainer fee and will be billed at the end of each month.

Direct expenses such as long distance phone calls, postage, and shipping services are not included in hourly rates or retainer packages.  Your account will be billed separately if applicable.

Retainer Fee Schedule:
Retainer Hours Discount% Monthly Fee
35 Hours a Month 20% $980.00
25 Hours a Month 15% $744.00
15 Hours a Month 10% $473.00
5 Hours a Month 5% $167.00

All fees are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.

A minimum of one (1) hour will be charged for all projects / invoices.

  • An estimate project timeframe will be quoted prior to project commencement.
  • Charges after one (1) hour will be invoiced at actual time worked.
  • The one (1) hour minimum applies to the entire billing cycle for on-going or retainer clients.  (Time will be billed based on actual time worked for the month. Minimum monthly invoice charge is for one (1) service hour.)

All new clients are required to pay a deposit prior to the commencement of any work unless otherwise stated.  The deposit amount will depend on the scope of the work performed, but will be at least a minimum of thirty-five ($35) dollars. Most clients will be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the estimated first billing.

  • All rates are subject to change at the discretion of Assistants R Us management.  Rates contained on this page are a starting point for discussion.  Rates may be negotiated on a project to project or client to client basis.
  • All quoted rates will be honored for a period of 30 days.  After 30 days quoted rates are subject to change.
Additional Fees

  • For all Assistants R Us services clients are expected to pay their regular fee plus the cost for any special materials, supplies or shipping. All additional charges will be itemized on the billing invoice.

    • Examples: postage, shipping, special printing, copies, card stock, specialty paper, poster board, form paper, photo paper, albums/presentation binders, flash drives, CDs, DVDs-if necessary.

Methods of Payment

  • PayPal (Preferred Method of Payment)

    • PayPal allows you to pay using a variety of payment methods including: instant transfer from a bank account, credit cards and debit cards.
    • PayPal provides a buyer dispute resolution services that give you added protection for your invoices paid through PayPal.
    • All invoices are sent via email. To pay invoices through PayPal simply click on the link enclosed within the emailed invoice emailed body.
All pricing is based on hourly, retainer or prorated project packaging.  Base rates range from $20-$35 per hour.
Please Note: Final proofreading of all documents is the sole responsibility of the client.  Some additional project specific charges may apply (i.e.: rush service, after hours, NSF charges, and etc.)
Not seeing exactly what you are looking for? Please contact us today, to learn how we may be able to create a customized business solution tailored to fit your business needs.  If we are not able to provide a specific service we may refer you to a qualified professional.
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