The 20 Books I MUST Read in 2014

As I shared at the end of last year on my personal blog, there were 3 books I wanted to read to close out 2013[please see “My 2013 Year-end Book Reading Schedule”].  I had hoped to finish them all before this New Year; however, that didn’t happen.  I was able to finish one and make some decent progress in another before the 31st. The second title, I just finished last week.  Since I was so close to my goal, I started to put my reading Continue reading →

Note-Taking Made Easy – A Quick Tutorial for Assistants

Recently I started working more intimately with a young woman that will be assisting a ministry leader I have for some time. In hearing the heart of the leader and observing their interactions, I felt led to share with her a lesson I learned early on in my career as an executive administrative assistant and was reinforced when I began assisting visionary type ministry leaders. I will share that same lesson with you now. It is remarkably simple and can be applied to any industry. Continue reading →

I Think I May Have To Pass

Two fascinating things happened to me recently.  First an old friend found me online but not through Social Media.  He doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter.  He did a simple Google search and found my vanity website.  We hadn’t spoken in about 3 years.  I had updated my bio, so through my website is how he learned I was now married and had relocated to Houston; which is kind of pathetic and good at the same time. Secondly, one of my contacts that I work with Continue reading →

Watch this VIDEO see why I have decided to use Google Voice for my business

I am not getting paid to endorse Google Voice nor do I own stock in Google.  I may have to rethink that stance though.  Why? Simply because they keep coming out with efficiency products that have revolutionized my day to day. In the case of Google Voice, which has been around since March 2009 (source: Wikipedia); I use it for both my business and volunteer telecommunication needs.  On the business side, because I recently relocated cross country to Texas, I wanted to have a number Continue reading →

Hello… My name is Lela, and I am a recovering Email Hoarder.

Do you fall into either one of these categories? If you do, you may be an Email Hoarder. The first email you ever received is still in your inbox, and its 4 years later. Currently you have more email than can be humanly managed to be considered reasonable. See, this was me. Even though in the past I have taught time management, and recently became certified in it.  I knew I needed help myself.  So, I went to  I took a course to help Continue reading →