Assistants R Us provides its clients professional and confidential administrative management solutions.  Based locally out of Houston, Texas, this professional administrative consulting firm is owned and operated by Lela Fagan.

Lela is a Certified Virtual Assistant (VACertification.com/ ExpertRating) with over 15+ years of on-site administrative and project management experience.  Her multifaceted skill set and strong understanding of social media and emerging technologies help her in efficiently managing the daily operations of her clients.

She is a proven team leader, architect and trainer.  She has diverse experience in events project coordination and planning, marketing, and executive administrative support.

Lela has worked in the private and non-for-profit business sectors for established and well branded individuals and companies.


“Assistants R Us” the name and vision behind the company were conceived by Lela Fagan and one of her mentors in ministry.  Lela’s mentor had taken her under her wing to train/disciple her in executive level church administrative support and armor bearing (the act of assisting a pastor or layman religious leader.)   At the time, she did not know she was preparing her to one day assume her position and to assist her husband, who at the time was the Executive Administrator/Director of Operations of their local church.

They affectionately called themselves “Assistants R Us”, because they were assistants.  Lela was a volunteer administrator to the local head of one of the larger volunteer ministries in the church, the Music department.  Her mentor was on staff and served in the position of Office Manager and the local Assistant to the Senior Pastors.  Before coming on staff, Lela’s mentor had served as a pastor’s aide.  She trained and mentored under the lady pastor’s personal armor bearer.

Administratively, she was similarly trained by the Senior Pastors’ Office Manager / Executive Assistant at the international offices of the home church.

When she was promoted, to lead a key department within the ministry and work directly with the Senior Pastors, she suggested Lela be hired as her successor. 

With her appointment, she also sat on a council that advised the Senior Pastors as they oversaw the global ministries.  Before and after her appointment, they began to attract and recruit other volunteer department assistants.  This select group of ladies assisted them to develop, host and facilitate large scale events.  With each new addition, they duplicated themselves and modeled a pattern of excellence in serving that continues to be replicated to this day.

Many of that original group of ladies still serve within the ministries and are trainers in their coverage areas.  Some have gone on to head departments, and one of them (with her husband) co-pastors a church, has written books and started a global grassroots faith movement.

Lela continues to serve faithfully as a volunteer administrator and project manager for the ministries’ Music Department global operations.

We take care of the behind the scenes details so you can focus on what makes you/your business shine.

Please contact us today, to learn how the Assistants R Us team may be able to create a customized business solution to suit your business needs.
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